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Need a new boiler?

When is it time to replace your heating system?
a couple standing in their kitchen in front of their boiler

Reasons to replace your existing boiler Replacing your heating pays off

Have started to notice that your heating system is passed its best? Does it make ususual sound or is your hot water unreliable? An aging heating system can become less efficient over time and with technology always evolving sometimes, the time comes when it makes sense to replace your old heating system.

We build our boilers to the highest standards to ensure quiet heating and hot water comfort for your home, helping to lower the cost of your heating bills.

The benefits of a new Vaillant boiler

  • Manufactured to the highest standards to ensure reliable heating and hot water supply

  • Vaillant boilers are exceptionally quiet

  • Can reduce your heating costs

  • Controllable by your smartphone*

  • Extended guarantees when you choose a Vaillant Advance installer

  • Gas Safe certified installers ensure compliance with the strictest safety standards

*When combined with a Vaillant smart control

Interested in more information on the advantages of upgrading your heating system?

Which is the right boiler for my home?

Combi boilers are best suited for smaller homes, where heating and hot water demands aren't extremely high. Hot water is only generated when it is required and doesn't require a water storage tank. Combi boilers are compact in size, meaning you are free to fit the boiler almost anywhere that is safe in the house and can also be cupboard fit.

What is a Combi Boiler?

System boilers are better suited with homes that have more than 1 bathroom and a higher heating and hot water demand than a home with a combi boiler. The high demand for hot water is met with a constant supply which is stored in a water cylinder.

What is a System Boiler?

Open vent boilers (also known as regular boilers) are best suited for homes with mulitple bathrooms that are prone to be used at the same time. You can also fit a regular boiler with renewable solutions such as heat pumps and solar water systems.

What is open vent boiler?

  1. How to buy your new Vaillant boiler
  1. 1

    Find your boiler

    There are several types of boilers available and deciding what's right for you can sometimes be a little daunting.

    We have a wide range of boilers to suit every need.

  2. 2

    Get a no obligation quote

    Find your local Gas Safe registered Vaillant Advance installers and they'll be able to supply a no-obligation quote based on your heating and hot water requirements.

  3. 3

    Register your guarantee

    Once your boiler has been installed, register the guarantee online (or your installer can do it for you).

air source heat pump outside a property

Upgrade to a heat pump

If you're looking to modernise your heating system, a heat pump is one of the most efficient heating methods to heat your home as the use natural resources and electricity to provide heating and hot water to your home.

Vaillant offer three different types of heat pumps from air source, ground source and water source. They use a refrigerant to absorb the heat which is then transfered into heating and hot water.

By incorporating heat pump technology into your home is one of the most economical and efficent ways to cover your heating and hot water needs.

Find out more about how heat pumps work here.


  • What will a new boiler cost me?

    A new boiler can be a significant investment. The cost of a new boiler can range from £500 - £2,500, and that's excluding the installation cost!

    New boilers are usually more energy efficient, meaning that whilst boiler replacement can be costly, it can also save money in the long term.

  • How long does it take to replace a heating system?

    Normally a like-for-like boiler swap can be done in a day. This will obviously depend on how much other work is needed to upgrade your system to meet latest efficiency guidelines. Don’t forget, your new Vaillant boiler will work at it’s best using Vaillant controls.

  • How can I ensure my heating system is always efficient?

    A requirement for a heating system installation is that it is Boiler Plus compliant. This means by law, your heating system must have an efficiency rating of at least 92%. The best way to comply with Boiler Plus and to be efficient is to fit a Vaillant control.

    Also, an annual inspection by a technician is required to ensure your new heating system remains reliable and most of all run safely. A well-maintained heating appliance is also more efficient.

  • How can I ensure my heating system is always efficient?

    Regular maintenance is essential. It will also increase the lifespan of your heating system.

    A trained technician checks whether all the safety functions are intact. They clean the appliance and perform checks, for example on boiler emissions. All prescribed maintenance work is defined in the installation and service manuals. We train our technicians regularly.

    Vaillant offers maintenance agreements that bundle all the services associated with the heating system into one package. This saves you time, effort and money.

  • What does the energy efficiency class of my heating system mean?

    You will recognise the energy label from other household appliances, such as washing machines or fridges. The energy classes from A ++ (lowest energy consumption) to G (highest energy consumption) have been in effect since 2015 and also apply to heating systems. The label shows you whether a heating appliance is especially efficient, meaning if it uses the energy as optimally as possible.

    By adding extra components to your system, you can further enhance the efficiency class. For example, if you combine your new Vaillant heating system with a regulating control, you can often achieve efficiency class A+.

  • What heating controls can I use for my new Vaillant heating system?

    We offer a great number of heating control options ranging from simple room thermostats through to Smart Home controls:

    Basic thermostats keep the set room temperature constant and let you create heating profiles.

    Weather-compensation controls adjust the supply temperature of the heating in line with the outside temperature, reducing consumption.

    Smart heating controls can do even more. For example, you can use a smartphone or tablet to adjust settings also when you are not at home.